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We have a professional R&D team with advanced equipments to design all kinds of metal stamping dies and precision metal stampings according to our customers' specific requirements. Our stamping die is designed by different arrangement methods for different materials for cost down. Please feel free to contact us for stamping die design or custom metal stampings you requested...

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Custom Metal Stampings, Professional Stamping Die Design & Processing for Connector, Switches, Electronics, Lights, Communication Devices!
Helioway Enterprises Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of precision metal stampings parts and stamping die design, fabrication & processing...


About Us

Established in 1982, Helioway Group is a professional Hardware company specialized in precision metal stampings, mould design, mould manufacturing of connectors and casing for computer, cell phone, consumer electronics, auto parts etc. Precision Metal Stampings Factory

We set up a plant in Guangzhou in Nov. 1999.
Helioway focuses on the R&D of high speed precise progressive die as well as stamping production since its establishment.
We have 86 die machines including BRUDERER. KYORI etc. 
Process technology capability:
A: Zero loss of material use
B: The min. space between connectors is 0.4mm
C: The pressing speed can reach 1000SPM
D: The precision of is ±0.01mm



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